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Really fun game! Would love to see this be turned into a full game with better graphics, more levels, more mechanics, etc.
(P.S: I didn't find out about the "YEET" thing until a couple of minutes ago. Blew my mind)

I've flipped a lever, whatdo i do now? I'm stuck!

If it the party lights lever, that was just an extra reward for completing the game. You should have gotten a voice prompt notifying you of completion. 


When I was playing it seemed a bit long, so I was making theories how to deal with it - maybe something like a "time watch" which could speed up the time after you get rid of everything, that would be nice. 

But I lovet this game very very VERY much! ♥

Uh! Thanks for posting your playthrough. Haven't had people do that before.

You actually stopped another assassination by closing the curtains, that is why it took extra time to finish. 

You can actually control time with the , . and M keys. 

I give up, he just keeps dying xD fun game!

Other people had similar issues, here was my reply to them:

On a new attempt, after your target dies, open up your notes (press TAB), to see the cause of death and time of death. Then find out who kills him and try trace the steps the killer takes and try to figure out how to stop him. (There are multiple killers, each with a few different ways of stopping them).

(One death might not leave a note, it seems like we forgot that. You should follow your target to discover what happens to him)